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A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...


It has been several decades since the Rebel Alliance defeated the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Endor, and the galaxy has rebuilt itself after a series of devastating conflicts. But now a sinister organization, the Malignant Order of the Lidless Eye, and their leader, Kraq Khalizad, plan to usurp galactic tranquility with their own dark vision. Who will accept the torch of heroism in this new era?

Welcome to Advent of Darkness! This blog showcases a Star Wars fanfic written by Mark Freeman and Nivek over the course of two years. The story features all the elements of a great Star Wars story - clashes between good and evil, battles across the abyss of space in brilliant science fiction style, and insight into The Force - along with an exciting plot that takes you across the galaxy and into the minds of Jedi, Imperials, and more.

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Our user icons indicate what characters are featured in that section. The icons and their meaning are listed below:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us: Galactic Empire Chracters appear in this section

Gilad Pellaeon - male human, Grand Admiral and Emperor

The proclaimed leader of the Empire, Pellaeon has served as the Galactic Emperor since the end of the Sith Crisis seventeen years ago. Initially reluctant to hold the same post as Palpatine, he has nevertheless won the respect and admiration of his people and managed to keep the Council of Moffs in check. But a new Emperor on the throne doesn't sit well with some of the upper echelons of Republic leadership.

Hidale Dathalon - male human, Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy

Supreme Commander of the Navy, Grand Admiral Dathalon continues his service to the Empire by expanding its borders in the Unknown Regions. Pellaeon's primary supporter in the military, his own popularity helps maintain order in an increasingly chaotic galaxy.

Zizeck Yamous - male human, Director of Imperial Intelligence:
A former member of Kraq Khalizad's Malignant Order, Yamous is a man torn between nostalgia for his old life and loyalty to his new one. As Director of Intelligence, he is responsible for keeping the Empire's darkest secrets under wraps.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us: New Republic Characters appear in this section

Brissa Uplord - female human, Minister of Defense
The New Republic's Minister of Defense, she is the daughter of former Republic President, Clifton Uplord. While she shares her father's idealism, Brissa is uncertain about the future now that a new President is about to take his place.

Nilats Reltih - male Hortek, President of the New Republic
Elected on the promise to bring justice to alien species, Reltih is aloof and mysterious - even his own defense minister, Brissa Uplord, doesn't trust him much. But behind his scales, Reltih only wants what's best for the New Republic - he just wouldn't be the first politician to have a hidden agenda.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us: Jedi Characters appear in this section

Mak "Tek" Fwee Min - male human, Chronicler of the Jedi Knights
A teenage Jedi Chronicler who oversees the dusty Jedi Archives, Tek longs for adventure and memories of his long lost family. He wishes he could be like the Jedi heroes of old - if only he knew how to hold a lightsaber correctly.

Velangor Lightstruck - male human, Force necromancer and former Jedi scientist
Practitioner of the little-known "Death Force," marked by its reliance on both light and dark, Velangor used to serve as the Jedi's leading researcher on the subject. He left for ambiguous reasons some years after the Sith Crisis and now travels the galaxy with his Wookiee companion Ralkir seeking new knowledge.

Chatten Warvel - male Ewok, Jedi Master
A small but powerful Jedi Master, Warvel, another of the heroes of the Sith Crisis feels an inexorable drawing to the Outer Rim. He can't quite place where this feeling is leading him, but he nevertheless senses a great darkness about to sweep through the galaxy once more.

Svryla - female human, Dark Jedi
A former Dark Jedi who renounced the evil path, she has returned to Coruscant to serve the Light, and help Tek out of a jam or two.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us: Malignant Order Characters appear in this section/Introduction Pages

Kraq Khalizad - male human, Diviner of the Order
A mysterious figure, Kraq Khalizad's Malignant Order of the Lidless Eye brought terror to the galaxy during an event known as the Sith Crisis. However, his Order was defeated by the combined forces of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic at the monumental Battle of Taris. But the wily Khalizad survived, and has not forgotten his dark dreams.

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Table of Contents:

Book I: Overture

Book I: Chapter I- Tarnished Jewel
Book I: Chapter II- Hunger
Book I: Chapter III-Conspiracy
Book I: Chapter IV-Restoration
Book I: Chapter V- Manari

Book II: Crucible

Book II: Chapter I-  Rising Power
Book II: Chapter II- Nostalgia
Book II: Chapter III-Lost
Book II: Chapter IV-Necromancer
Book II: Chapter V- Conflagration
Book II: Chapter VI-Smuggler's Moon
Book II: Chapter VII-Death Force
Book II: Chapter VIII-Summit

Book III: Revelation

Book III: Chapter I- Firefight

Book III: Chapter II-Strike
Book III: Chapter III-Breach
Book III: Chapter IV-Justice
Book III: Chapter V- Shattered
Book III: Chapter VI-Clash
Book III: Chapter VII-Extinguish
Book III: Chapter VIII-Destiny

Legal notice: Star Wars is property of George Lucas. Original content in this story is © Mark Freeman and Nivek 2007.

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